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4.1 - The Market

Follow this link to find information and an interactive task on the nature of markets:

Go to tutor2u for a question and answer session on what is market segmentation:

Go to tutor2u for a question and answer session on the benefits of market segmentation for businesses: benefits-from-market-segmentation/#extended

Follow this link to watch a video explaining market segmentation:

Follow this link to find notes and examples of market segmentation:

4.2 - The Marketing Mix

Here are some good revision notes from BBC Bitesize:

Marketing mix




Then have a go at the tests to check your understanding:

Marketing mix quiz=marketing_mix;templateStyle=business

Product quiz=product;templateStyle=business

Price quiz=price;templateStyle=business

Promotion quiz=promotion;templateStyle=business

Place quiz=place;templateStyle=business

Here is a revision powerpoint from Business Studies Online which may appeal to visual learners: 05%20The%20Marketing%20Mix%20-%20Product.pdf

Watch this video and answer the questions below regarding sponsorship as part of the marketing mix: sponsorship-under-pressure/#extended

Watch this BBC video highlighting the different aspects of the marketing mix:

This episode of The UK Apprentice focuses on above-the-line promotion. Watch it on YouTube:

Here are some excellent quizzes and games on Business Studies Online to test your understanding of the marketing mix: option=com_content&view=article&id=35&Itemid=23

Try this revision game on the marketing mix:

4.3 - Market Research

For more details on the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of market research techniques, visit:

Try this 20-question multiple choice quiz on market research from "Mrs. Hyde's Business Pages":

For those who like a challenge, have a go at the tutor2u market research quiz:

Here's another multiple choice quiz, with ten questions from

Follow this link for some very cool interactive market research quizzes and games:

Here's a great 4-minute YouTube video clip for revising market research:

Here's a great 3-minute video on market segmentation:

This is a very good 6-minute YouTube video for revising sampling and sampling methods:

Try this great interactive quiz – you get four minutes to answer 16 Marketing questions:

Read more about the use of market research here: market-research/

Read more about quantitative market research from the tutor2u 'Q&A' section: research/

Read more about qualitative market research from the tutor2u 'Q&A' section: research/